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The Whole Man Program:

Reinvigorating Your Body, Mind, and Spirit After 40

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The Whole Man Program:
Reinvigorating Your Body, Mind, and Spirit After 40


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The Whole Man Program is an integrated physical and emotional health program for males over 40. Psychotherapist and men's health educator Jed Diamond offers a roadmap for making life-enhancing changes in many areas that affect men. Diamond describes the "Male American Diet (MAD)," for example, as one that is high in saturated fat, and suggests ways to make healthy changes. He discusses "andropause"--midlife hormonal changes in men--and suggests options for reclaiming sexual vitality.

But this book goes deeper than diet and hormones; emotional self-discovery forms the center of the program. Under "Action Options," Diamond asks you, for example, to write down your memories of your sexual desires during adolescence and compare them to your midlife sexual ups and downs; talk to each of your children about the kind of fathering they have received from you; and write down "all the things you know about the Woman in you," and then share this with someone you trust.

Diamond, who also authored Male Menopause, frequently bares his own personal story and also includes anecdotes from his men's groups. This book is recommended for men (and the women who love them) ready for an intimate, man-to-man exploration of a man's physical, emotional, and relationship health at midlife.

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MenAlive seeks to enrich men's relationships with themselves, their families, and their communities.

MenAlive focuses on male menopause as a critical bridge to the second half of life. We focus on the Irritable Male Syndrome and men and depression, to prepare men to cross that bridge. We address the hormonal, physical, psychological, interpersonal, sexual, nutritional, economic, social, ecological, and spiritual aspects of men's health and act as an influential source of timely information, resources, products and community centered events on male menopause and men's health, for men and the women who love them.

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