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I have found that women are vitally interested in understanding what is going on with men. You want healthy and joyful relationships with your husbands, sons, fathers, brothers, friends, and lovers. You want to be sure your marriage lasts and does not get destroyed by changes associated with male menopause, irritable male syndrome, and male-type depression.

I will be developing information just for you so that you get the answers that a woman needs to have. I will also invite expert women to join me who will also be able to give you the facts, "woman to woman."

Send me your questions and concerns and I will answer them here.

Of course if you're a guy, who wants to see things from a woman's point of view, this is a good place to visit as well.

Jed is the "resident expert" on male issues on the Web site Here are some of thJed's articles that have appeared there:

Here's a note from the editors of

A note to the women visitors of MenAlive.

Successful relationships are everything in life. If you can't form some kind of bond with your fellow human beings, then life could be a pretty lonely existence. And for all the talk of independence, feminism, men's rights and so on, what most want is a soul mate that they can share their life with. Men and women the world over spend their time in bars eyeing each other up. Or maybe they're on-line on one of the numerous internet dating sites. Or maybe they're reading a newspaper (even a really respectable one) looking at the rows and rows of ‘lonely hearts' ads. Or maybe they're watching one of the many ‘how to' relationship programs on TV.

You get the idea. Meeting somebody, falling in love and having a lasting and happy relationship is still the Holy Grail for the majority of us. So why is it, in so much of the mainstream media, that so little serious attention is given to how relationships work and how men and women function within them?

Why is the ‘all men are bastards' attitude (which seems to be the default stance in most women's media) never challenged? And why is it, that when women's issues are discussed, the male point of view isn't really taken into consideration? Why is it when a women slaps a man round the face when she loses her temper on live TV (this happened in the UK recently) it's treated as bit of a joke, but if a man did that he would be publicly vilified and probably arrested for assault?

We think that women are simply not encouraged to look at things from a male angle. Although many of us love our fathers, husbands and sons, we are never really taught how to understand them – which is odd because a lot of information is in the public domain about men, it's just that it's a tiny fraction compared to the deluge of words written for and by women. And the image of men is becoming really warped.

What a tragedy! There are so many young women setting out into the relationship ‘market' who are really ill equipped to understand men. And many older women who are in long-standing relationships can see them stumble and fail, almost for no reason, and they don't know what to do about it.

Surely it can't be that difficult to start talking about men and women on the same page? Why don't we talk about divorce, and mention that most divorces are initiated by women, rather than trotting out the old cliché of the middle-aged man dumping his wife and kids to run off with the cute secretary? Why can't we talk about adultery and mention that women are doing it almost as much as men these days (except they're rather better at keeping quiet about it) rather than making out that adultery is almost solely a male preserve? Why can't we talk about domestic violence and feature some case-studies from men who have been abused by women, as well as talking about women victims?

Well we don't know why we can't, which is why we are.

          Helen Moore and Bernie Muir co-founders of

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I offer two options for help: (1) Personal counseling with me and (2) My new internet-based program.

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MenAlive seeks to enrich men's relationships with themselves, their families, and their communities.

MenAlive focuses on male menopause as a critical bridge to the second half of life. We focus on the Irritable Male Syndrome and men and depression, to prepare men to cross that bridge. We address the hormonal, physical, psychological, interpersonal, sexual, nutritional, economic, social, ecological, and spiritual aspects of men's health and act as an influential source of timely information, resources, products and community centered events on male menopause and men's health, for men and the women who love them.

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